WS22 Schedule

Schedule subject to change as needed. This page will be updated to reflect any changes.

Lecture notes and slides can be found by clicking on the lecture topics.

# Date Topic Assigned Due
1 18-Jan Introduction to Robotics HW1
2 20-Jan Tools: ROS, Docker, Python, Linux
3 25-Jan ROS Programming I HW2 HW1
4 27-Jan ROS Programming II ORDER DUCKIEBOT!
5 1-Feb Debugging Robots and
Setting Up and Calibrating
HW3, Lab1 HW2
6 3-Feb ROS Programming III HW4
7 8-Feb LAB DAY HW3
8 10-Feb Introduction to Autonomy and
Dynamic Systems
9 15-Feb LAB DAY HW4
10 17-Feb Coordinate Systems
Example Transforms
HW5 Lab1
X 22-Feb NO CLASS Monday Schedule
11 24-Feb Numerical Methods and Robot Odometry HW6
12 1-Mar LAB DAY HW5
13 3-Mar Human-Robot Interaction
X 8-Mar NO CLASS Spring Break
X 10-Mar NO CLASS Spring Break
14 15-Mar LAB DAY HW6
15 17-Mar Introduction to Computer Vision HW7, Lab3
16 22-Mar LAB DAY Lab2
17 24-Mar Edge and Line Detection Camera Calibration HW8
18 29-Mar LAB DAY HW7
19 31-Mar Introduction to Controls and PID Controllers HW9, Lab4
20 5-Apr LAB DAY HW8
21 7-Apr Guest Lecture: Prof Ahmadzadeh on Path Planning
22 12-Apr LAB DAY Lab3
23 14-Apr ROS Services and Actions
Marine Robot Perception
24 19-Apr LAB DAY HW9
25 21-Apr Ethics and Robots
26 26-Apr LAB DAY HW10
27 28-Apr Trends in Robotics Lab4