EECE 5560 Fall 2022

EECE 4560/5560 Fundamentals of Robotics Fall 2022

The purpose of this course is to introduce you to the basics of robotics. The material in this course is a combination of essential topics, techniques, algorithms, and tools that will be used in future robotics courses. Fundamental topics relevant to robots (linear algebra, numerical methods, programming) will be reinforced throughout the course using introductions to other robotics topics that are each worthy of a full semester of study (dynamics, kinematics, controls, planning, sensing).

A majority of the content in this course will be presented in the form of lectures and demonstrations. Students will complete homework and labs to reinforce their learning. There is no assigned textbook for this course, but lecture notes will be provided online.

EECE 4560/5560 Robotics Syllabus

Course Schedule (subject to change as needed)

Guide to setting up your computer to do homework and lab assignments

Developing and submitting assignments

Assignments Note: homework/labs posted before their assigned date (according to the schedule) should be considered a draft.