Developing Homework Assignments

Development Instructions

You will run ROS within docker containers started by dts devel run. You need to be in the root (base directory) of your git repo to run this. Start the container using this command:

$ dts devel run -M -X --cmd bash

You will have to source your environment and possibly rebuild (if adding packages/message types/services) using these commands:

$ source /code/catkin_ws/devel/setup.bash
$ catkin build
$ source /code/catkin_ws/devel/setup.bash

Attach additional terminals using this command:

$ dts devel run attach

Or use the dts tools (note, this will only let you run one terminal)

$ dts start_gui_tools

Make sure that you make ONE launch file that starts everything asked in the homework and update the relevant launcher script in <repo_name>/launchers.

Submit to GitHub

  1. Check which files changed:
    $ git status
  2. Add them to this staged commit:
    $ git add <files>
  3. Make the commit
    $ git commit -m <message>
  4. Push it to your repo on GitHub:
    $ git push
  5. Tag it with something like “hw2”:
    $ git tag <tag_name>
  6. Push the tag to GitHub:
    $ git push origin <tag_name>
  7. Verify on that your submission is there, in the correct tag.

Test Your Code

To test your code exactly as it will be graded:

  1. Clone your repo in a new folder.
    $ git clone <repo_url>
  2. Checkout the tag that you submitted.
    $ git checkout <tag>
  3. Move to a new branch (this is required because of a dts quirk).
    $ git checkout -b text_hw<#>
  4. Build your image.
    $ dts devel build --pull
  5. Run your solution.
    $ dts devel run -X -L launch-hw<#>

Submit to Blackboard

The code received from completing your Qualtrics survey.