Fall 2021 Schedule

Schedule subject to change as needed. This page will be updated to reflect any changes.

Lecture notes and slides can be found by clicking on the lecture topics.

# Date Topic Assigned Due
1 2-Sep Introduction to Robotics HW1
2 7-Sep Tools: ROS, Docker, Python, Linux
3 9-Sep ROS Programming I HW2 HW1
4 14-Sep Debugging Robots ORDER DUCKIEBOT!
5 16-Sep ROS Programming II HW3, Lab1 HW2
6 21-Sep Setting Up and Calibrating
7 23-Sep ROS Parameters and Remapping HW4 HW3
8 28-Sep Introduction to Autonomy
9 30-Sep LAB DAY
10 5-Oct LAB DAY Lab1
11 7-Oct Coordinate Systems
Example Problems
12 12-Oct ROS TF
Dynamic Systems
13 14-Oct Robot Odometry HW5, Lab2
14 19-Oct Robot Perception
15 21-Oct Introduction to Computer Vision HW6 HW5
16 26-Oct Color Filtering
17 28-Oct Edge and Line Detection HW7 HW6
18 2-Nov Camera Calibration
19 4-Nov LAB DAY HW8, Lab3 Lab2
20 9-Nov Introduction to Controls
X 11-Nov NO CLASS Veteran’s Day HW7
21 16-Nov Guest Lecture
Intelligent Machinery: How Blue River Technology
creates intelligent machinery to solve monumental
problems for our customers
Nicholas Lessley
22 18-Nov PID Controllers HW8
23 23-Nov Path Planning HW9, Lab4
X 25-Nov NO CLASS Thanksgiving Break
24 30-Nov LAB DAY Lab3
25 2-Dec ROS Services and Actions HW10 HW9
26 7-Dec Ethics and Robotics
27 9-Dec Human-Robot Interaction HW10
F 16-Dec Final Demo Day Lab4