Equipment Needed

For this class, you will need:

  1. A Duckiebot DB18 or DB19
  2. A computer capable of running Linux in a virtual machine or natively
  3. A wireless router
  4. A test environment

Information about ordering a new Duckiebot will be emailed to you at the beginning of the semester. Used Duckiebots can usually be purchased from students of previous semesters and several kits are available to borrow from the university at no cost. If you have questions about the computing or networking requirements please contact the instructor.

The test environment is composed of black exercise mats, 2-inch wide white tape, and 1-inch wide yellow tape. The official specification is here: These components can be purchased from a variety of vendors.

Black exercise mats: Try to find the least reflective option possible. The color should be as close to black as possible. This is a good option but there are many others:

White tape: The tape must be approximately 2 inches wide, white, and, again, avoid anything reflective. Gaffer tape is usually the best option as it is entirely opaque, matte, and easily removed. Masking tape can be used but may require multiple layers. You will not need much (~40 feet) but it can be hard to find in small quantities. This is a good option:

Yellow tape: The tape must be approximately 1 inch wide, yellow, and, as always, avoid anything glossy/reflective. Gaffer tape or multiple layers of masking tape will work. This is a good option: