In this assignment, you will create a ROS node that both subscribes to a topic for input and publishes to a NEW topic as output. Here are the specifications for this new node:

  • It should be in the same package you used in HW2
  • It should subscribe to the output of mystery_node that has units: /mystery/output2
  • For each message that your node receives on this topic, convert the output from meters to feet and publish a single message to a new topic (name is your choise) that:
    • Uses the mystery_package/UnitsLabelled message type
    • Includes the converted value
    • Has “feet” as the units
  • Create a new launch file that will launch this node as well as your HW2 publisher and mystery_node
  • Do NOT change any previous code (mystery_package or your HW2 submission) unless told to after HW2 is graded.
  • Push your code to GitHub with a tag for this assignment.

Make sure you test this code thoroughly so you know that it works. You can test the conversion by running your node using rosrun and test the entire assignment using roslaunch and the launch file you provided.

Submission Instructions

Submit a PDF to blackboard with:

  1. Your name, repo URL, and the tag for this assignment
  2. The command that starts your nodes for this assignment, ie:
    roslaunch <package> <launch_file>
  3. The name of the node you created
  4. The name of the topic that your node publishes to
  5. Any difficulties you had with this assignment


3 points – Conversion to feet successful
3 points – Subscribes to mystery_node
6 points – Publishes to specifications
4 points – Launch file meets objectives
2 points – Tag applied in git
2 points – Answers given in PDF