Winter Workshop Series 2022

UMass Lowell’s Workshop Series fosters innovative, engaging and inclusive learning environments by providing resources and tools to support a community of educators.  This series brings together a consortium of faculty and professionals across campus that includes CELT, GPS and IT to focus on our shared commitment to our students’ learning and success, collaborating with other campus offices to be responsive to emerging faculty needs and interests. 





Paula Haines  (CELT) 

Curriculog Coaching 

January 4, 10:00-11:00am 

Randy Tyndall (IT)

Video in the Classroom- Recording & Streaming 

January 5, 10:00-11:00am 

Mac Wishart (IT) 

Blackboard for Beginners 

January 6th, 10:00-11:00am 

Randy Tyndall (IT)

Video outside the Classroom- Recording & Streaming 

January 6th, 1:00-2:00pm 

Paula Haines  (CELT) 

Curriculog Coaching 

January 62:00-3:00pm 

Randy Tyndall, Mac Wishart (IT) 

Technology Open Forum 

January 7, 10:00–11:00am 

Patrick Connell (GPS)

Incorporate Short Videos to Enhance Instructor Presence in Your Online Course

January 7, 11:00-11:30am

Randy Tyndall (IT)

After Recording- Editing & Adding Interactivity 

January 7, 1:00-2:00pm 

Alena Woods (GPS)

Grade More Efficiently and Set Clear Assignment Criteria for Students with Rubrics in Blackboard

January 10, 10:00-10:30am

Paula Haines, Shaima Ragab  (CELT) 

CELT Community Build 

January 10,  2:00-3:00pm 

Scott Musfeldt, Leland Ackerson (GPS)

Personal Interaction Through FlipGrid Video Discussions

January 11, 11:00-11:30am

Paula Haines (CELT) 

Introduction to Curriculum Mapping 

January 11,  2:00–3:00pm 

Paula Haines, Shaima Ragab  (CELT) 

CELT Community Build 

January 1210:00–11:00am 

Mac Wishart (IT) 

Blackboard Grade Center 

January 12, 2:00–3:00pm 

Paula Haines  (CELT) 

Curriculog Coaching 

January 139:00–10:00am 

Carrie Powanda-Croft 

Blackboard Grade Center: Create a Weighted Total Column

 January 13, 11:00-11:30am

Randy Tyndall, Dave Corcoran (IT)

Using the iPad in the Classroom 

January 13, 2:00-3:00pm 

Randy Tyndall, Mac Wishart (IT) 

Technology Open Forum 

January 14, 10:00–11:00am 

Vendor (Gradescope)

Getting Started with Gradescope – Deliver and Grade Assignments with Gradescope

January 1, 11:00–12:00pm 

Elise Wulff, M.Ed. (she/her) General Hospital for Children (CELT) 

Neurodiversity in Higher Education Workshops (2 sessions) 

Session 1: Neurodiversity in Higher Education 

February 3rd, 3:00-4:15pm  

Elise Wulff, M.Ed. (she/her) General Hospital for Children (CELT) 

Session 2: Embracing Strengths and Facing Practical Challenges of Neurodiversity in Higher Education 

February 28th, 1:00-2:15pm  

John H. Dunkle, Ph.D. Senior Director, Knowledge & Advising, The Jed Foundation (CELT)

Supporting Students’ Mental Health  
“I Have A Student Who …”: Equipping And Empowering Faculty In Supporting Student Mental Health. 

February 24, 3:30-5:00pm 

Alumni Hall, North Campus (on campus, in-person); Will be recorded 

Curriculog Coaching (1/4, 6, & 13): Getting ready to propose a new course, change a course, or submit a course for ELO approval? Reviewing materials for a curriculum committee?  Join us for an overview of Curriculog, UML’s new curriculum management software.  Ask your questions and get help!

Video in the Classroom – Recording & Streaming (1/5):
This beginning session walks you through the process of setting up lecture capturing of your classes. We will also cover live-streaming a class (beside Zoom).

Blackboard for Beginners (1/6)Learn the basic ins and outs of using Blackboard here at UML. Setting up your course, adding materials, keeping grades. 

Video outside the Classroom – Recording & Streaming (1/6): 
You can make a recording or stream live on any device and upload it to our hosting platformsWe can show you how to edit and make a good recording with any device. Why not make supplemental materials for your students? We should talk. 

Technology Open Forum (Fridays starting in January):
Randy Tyndall and Mac Wishart have an open session where you can ask any technology question that you can think of, whether Zoom, Echo360, Blackboard or Poll Everywhere. We can also demonstrate apps and tools live. Come with questions!

After Recording- Editing & Adding Interactivity (1/7): Editing a recording can be as simple as removing extraneous parts or more extensive things like adding supplemental materials, which we will cover. There are new features in the Echo editor that will be covered. Adding interactivity can range from adding polling and posing questions to students, which we will also cover. 

CELT Community Build (1/10 and 1/12): Calling all Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching Community members to join Paula Haines and Shaima Ragab as we share ideas and brainstorm together on the role CELT should play on campus, the types of programming that CELT can put together and the various ways CELT can foster engaging, innovative and inclusive learning environment on campus. Let’s put our creative hats and brainstorm together. 

Blackboard Grade Center (1/13): Learn how to use Blackboard’s grade center to make your life easier. Keep your grades online, auto calculate course totals, send final letter grades to SiS, the works!  

Introduction to Curriculum Mapping (1/11): Curriculum Mapping is a collaborative process that allows faculty to analyze and discuss a program curriculum with an eye toward program or other learning outcomes.  Come learn about some simple approaches to this heuristic practice and how they can be used to strengthen teaching & learning! 

Using the iPad in the Classroom (1/13): 
Have an iPad? Want to use it easily in the classroom? IT (Dave Corcoran and Randy Tyndall) have tools and apps that can make your life easier. Join us and see! 

Getting Started with Gradescope – Deliver and Grade Assignments with Gradescope (2/1): Join us for an online workshop and learn how instructors use Gradescope. The workshop will offer guidance on remote/online delivery of assignments that are paper-based, fully online, and a combination of the two.  In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Set up assignments where students can submit freeform work (no printers or templates needed)
  • Grade your existing exams and homework on Gradescope
  • Make rubric changes as you grade – changes apply to previously graded work to maintain consistency
  • Write each comment only once – apply previously used comments with a click
  • Use ‘assignment analytics’ to gain insight into student learning


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