Screen Capture

Screen Capture is a term used to describe taking a picture, video or even a live view of something on your computer screen or any other device that you want to show. (IE. tablet, mobile phone, etc.) In some cases the these devices can be used as a visual aid and/or even a digital whiteboard, recorded and played back as a stand alone video or in conjunction with lecture capture to create a multi pane video offered to students. 

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  Please avoid uploading videos (in any size or format) to Blackboard. If you upload videos, students must download the video to watch it and many students don’t have internet capability or storage to complete this task. You can provide links to videos in Blackboard that are hosted in the cloud or any video streaming server (e.g., Zoom, Echo360, Ensemble,Youtube, etc.). Additionally, if you add videos to your Blackboard course, your course will begin to become less efficient and will recognizably slow when students attempt to open files, move between content areas, or take tests. 

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