The hardware and software recommendation & specifications on this page were gathered and are offered as a guideline for the “Best Practices” in a virtual or remote learning environment. In most cases we have tested these products and have determined them to be good, reliable and convenient solutions.  Although these hardware & software solutions are not necessarily the only options available for a particular use case, they are ones we have experience with and therefor can usually offer more specialized and targeted support. 

Please contact classroomtech@uml.edu for more information.

Legend:  (The following symbols indicate the training or feature difficulty levels)  Click on Legend Key for more information





Apple iPads:

Here are instructions on enrolling your iPad into the UMass Lowell Self Service Portal to be able to download university apps: How-to-Install-VTR-iPad-Profile

To see a video on configuring your new UMass Lowell ipad that has been “pre-enrolled” in the UMass Lowell Self Service Portal click “Pre-enrolled” Self Service Video

Software Recommendations:

Please contact classroomtech@uml.edu if you need assistance.