Organic Chemistry Club

Organic Chemistry Club

The Organic Chemistry Club was founded in 2017. The main objective of the Club is to enhance the education and community of chemistry students at all levels (PhD, MS, BS) who are interested in Organic Chemistry and related topics.

The Club conducts a variety of activities. Biweekly seminars are scheduled every academic year, see¬† current schedule under “Organic Chemistry Seminar”. The seminars are given by invited external speakers, former and current club members. The seminar topics include current topics in Organic Chemistry and related fields, students’ research, a literature topic, or experimental techniques. The seminars are attended by Organic Chemistry faculty members who also participate in discussions and provide inputs. The seminars are open to general public so all are welcome to attend!

The Club also sponsors other activities where all members enjoy fun and bonding activities. If you are current UMass Lowell students and are curious of what Organic Chemistry can offer for your career development, please consider joining the Club!

For more information, please contact:

Will Ndugire, President (