Group Members

PhD students

Gayan Kanchana

Gayan Kanchana received his BS degree in Chemistry from the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka in 2020. He joined Prof. Yan’s research group in Fall 2022. His research focuses on glycoconjugates and glyconanomaterials.


Harshit Kumar

Harshit Kumar received a BS-MS dual degree in Chemistry at Indian institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkata in 2022. He joined Prof. Yan’s research group in Fall 2022. His research interests include organic and polymer synthesis, the synthesis and reactions of nanoclusters.

Harini Perera

Harini Perera received her B.Sc. Special Degree in Chemical Biology from University of Colombo, Sri Lanka in 2016 with First Class honors. She also completed her Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing (DipM, ACIM) from Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), UK in 2018. She joined Dr. Yan’s research group in Spring 2019. Her research focuses on the mechanistic investigation on the transport of glyconanomaterials in bacteria. She enjoys reading and studying on science related marketing and emerging trends of pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

Dang Truong

Dang Truong received his BS degree in Biochemistry and MS Degree in Biology from UMass Boston. He joined Dr. Yan’s lab in Fall 2019. His research interests include investigating the mechanism of nanoparticles in different biological systems and developing new drug delivery systems. Besides science, he also enjoys traveling, cooking and providing floral/decoration services for wedding and special occasions.

Jia Tu

Jia Tu received his BS degree in Applied Chemistry from Northwest A&F University, China, and MS degrees in Polymer Chemistry and Physics from Beijing Normal University. His research background includes the synthesis of organic molecules, polymers, and nanomaterials. His research focus is on the chemistry of graphene.