Mingdi Yan

Welcome to Yan Research Laboratory!

We belong to the Organic Chemistry Division in the Department of Chemistry. Our research lies at the interface of chemistry, nanomaterials, and nanomedicine. We apply our skills in synthetic chemistry to develop new reactions and functionalize carbon materials including graphene. We make functional nanomaterials, and apply them in applications including antimicrobial nanomaterials and drug delivery.



  •  Aug., 2021 Congratulations to Will Ndguire for a successful PhD defense, and two publications: Gold Nanoclusters as Nano-Antibiotic Auranofin Analogues,” in Adv. Healthc. Mater. and Synthesis and solution isomerization of water-soluble Au9 nanoclusters prepared by nuclearity conversion of [Au11(PPh3)8Cl2]Cl,” in Nanoscale!


  • Feb. 2021: We welcome Postdoc Associate, Dr. Md Bodiuzzaman to our group!
  • Jan. 2021: Congratulations to Sajani Liyanage for publications of two review articles: Quantification of Binding Affinity of Glyconanomaterials in Chem. Commun. &  Analytical Methods for Characterization of Nanomaterial Surfaces” in Anal. Chem.
  • May 2020: Warmest congratulations to our group members for winning multiple awards: Bin Wu for Outstanding Chemistry Graduate Student; Will Ndugire for Outstanding Research Award in Organic Chemistry; Xiaojian Yang for Outstanding Polymer Graduate Student; Sajani Liyanage for Outstanding Academic Achievement Award in Organic Chemistry!!!
  • March 2020: Check out our article, Electrophilic Azides for Materials Synthesis and Chemical Biology, published on Acc. Chem. Res. by our alumni Sheng Xie and Madanodaya Sundhoro in collaboration with Prof. KN Houk! 

Events & Announcement

  • We are recruiting 1-2 PhD students in organic synthesis and/or nanomaterial synthesis. If you are interested in joining our group, please contact Dr. Yan, mingdi_yan@uml.edu. Application fees will be waived for accepted candidates!