The EcoSonic Playground Projectprovides a research platform to explore:

  • Music cognition, improvisation, and composition.
  • The effectiveness of integrating music, engineering, science, math, and design into an immersive learning environment.
  • Social and cognitive aspects of musical play in the ESPP context.
  • Effective teaching and learning strategies through the ESPP curriculum.
  • How the theoretical foundation of the ESPP translates into practice.
  • The overall impact of the ESPP across partner programs.

To date, the ESPP working group has completed twelve projects in the US, Canada, and Ireland:

University of Massachusetts Lowell
Dublin, Ireland
Lowell, MA
Lowell, MA
Cambridge, MA
Newton, MA

Present projects

  • The Stoklosa Middle School: Lowell, MA
  • The Lowell String Project, Creative Sound Play program: Lowell, MA
  • NFI Family Resource Center: Lowell, MA

Upcoming projects

  • The Bartlett Community Partnership School: Lowell, MA
  • Boston Public Schools
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