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The EcoSonic Playground Projectâ„¢ Curriculum

The ESPP is based on a four-pronged curriculum that uses state and national educational standards towards developmentally appropriate teaching practice. The curriculum applies foundational skills in music, engineering, science, math, and design to experiential learning. Teachers can tailor the curriculum to their school or educational program, local community culture, and grade level. The curriculum includes:

  1. Environmental Education: Includes a school and community outreach campaign to collect clean reusable materials, lessening the local carbon footprint.

  2. Design Thinking: An iterative process through which children design and build the instruments from the reusable materials they collect.

  3. Architecture and Engineering: An architectural process where children build PVC pipe scaffolding from plans. The scaffolding acts as an open structure on which to hang instruments.
  4. Music Education: Playing the instruments as part of a music curriculum focused on improvisation and composition.

The practice and application of knowledge throughout the project are also intended to foster adaptive skills such as critical thinking, communication, positive social interaction, and creative problem solving.

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