Dental Benefits FAQ

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Dental Benefits Plan (pdf file)

Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Benefits

1. Is there a waiting period for new hires, how long? 
Yes, the Waiting Period is 180 days.

2. How can a person get a list of participating dentists? (on the right hand side under “Quick Links” – Find a Dentist or Specialist) 
1-800-942-0854; Prompt 1; Enter ss 
Prompt 3 for a listing of PDP in their area

3. How much more can a person expect to pay if they chose to use a non-participating dentist?
In-network PDP dentists agree to fees that are 10-35% lower than an out-of-network dentist. It all depends on the zip code and provider. Also the co-insurances differ for out of network. Please refer to page 24 of the certificate. 

4. Are there participating dentists in NH and ME or only in MA? 
Yes, our Network is Nationwide.

5. Is orthodonture covered?
No, not under this specific plan.

6. What is the amount of the annual benefit? Does it run from 1/1 through 12/31? 
The current (as of 2012) annual benefit is $1,200, and it runs from January 1 through December 31.

7. Can unused benefits be carried over to subsequent years? 
No – It resets every year to $1,200

8. How about caps? Implants? 
Yes, please refer to page 41 of the certificate.

Please contact David Kingsley, Health & Welfare Representative if you have further questions.