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The Massachusetts Society of Professors Lowell negotiates the agreement that provides equitable salaries, tenure, promotion process and working conditions. The contract also has a procedure that allows faculty members to file formal grievances if their rights have been violated.

The Lowell community has had a historic tradition of collective interest and unionism for many years and the society of higher education professionals at the university follows that example. Our roots are with UMass Lowell’s predecessor institutions: Lowell Technological Institute and Lowell State College. The merger of the two schools into the University of Lowell in 1975 was the beginning of our joint affiliation with the National Education Association and the Massachusetts Teachers Association. Today the Massachusetts Society of Professors Lowell is the local collective bargaining unit representing full-time faculty and professional librarians at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Our affiliation with the Massachusetts Teachers Association provides local consultants, employment liability insurance, legal, and lobbying resources that serve the needs of professionals in higher education. MSP/Lowell is part of the nation’s largest labor organization for educators, the National Education Association. The NEA actively promotes the cause of public higher education and is an advocate for quality education at all levels.