Research Interests

Professor Mangano’s research interests include exploring the relation between nutritional factors and musculoskeletal health among aging adults. Current projects focus on: 1) protein intake patterns and how they are differentially associated with bone and muscle health; 2) polyunsaturated fatty acids and their association with bone health, muscle mass, strength and function; 3) exploring whether dietary patterns of Caribbean Latino adults predict high levels of inflammation and whether the composition of their microbiome mediates this association. Future research directions include developing dietary interventions to treat aging dysbiosis (altered microbiome) to reduce musculoskeletal losses via anti-inflammatory pathways.

Selected Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

  • Bone microarchitecture, diabetes and change in bone mineral density in Puerto Rican adults (2018), Grant – NIH R01                                                              Mangano, K. (Co-Principal), Tucker, K. (Principal), Noel, S (Co-Principal), Dawson-Hughes, B  (Co-Principal)
  • Identifying mechanisms underpinning the impact of daily yogurt supplementation on the gut microbiome, inflammation and bone biomarkers (2017), Grant – Yogurt in Nutrition Research Initiative
    Mangano, K. (Principal), Noel, S. (Co-Principal), Maldonado, AL. (Co-Principal)
  • Linking Nutrition with Muscle Function via Signaling Pathways (2017), Grant – UMass Lowell                                                                                                      Mangano, K. (Co-Principal), Konow, N. (Principal), Gage, M. (Co-Principal)
  • It’s Fun to Run – or is it Just a Pun? Detecting Signs of Enjoyment with Physical Activity and Food Choices through Computational Analysis of Figurative Language in Online Communication (2018), Grant – UMass Lowell
    Kronrod , A. (Co-Principal), Rumshisky, A. (Co-Principal), Thind, H.K. (Co-Investigator), Mangano, K. (Co-Investigator)
  • Total Student Health (2016), Grant – Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences
    Quinn, B. (Co-Principal), Thind, H.K. (Principal), Mangano, K. (Co-Principal), ElGhaziri, M. (Co-Principal)
  • Aging from the inside out (2016), Grant – University of Massachusetts, Lowell Internal Seed Grant
    Mangano, K. (Principal), Noel, S. (Co-Principal)
  • Protein Food Clusters and Measures of Bone Mineral Density and Muscle Strength NIA-T32 (2013), Grant – BIDMDC/Harvard Translational Research in Aging Training Program
    Mangano, K. (Co-Principal), Lipsitz, L. (Principal)
  • Protein Food Clusters and Measures of Bone Mineral Density and Muscle Strength (2013), Sponsored Research – Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Healthy Aging DPG
    Mangano, K. (Principal)