Hsi-Wu Wong

The Sustainability and Reaction Engineering Laboratory (SuREL) at the University of Massachusetts Lowell focuses on utilizing both experimental and theoretical techniques to study modern energy and environmental problems. Key research expertise of our laboratory includes high temperature pyrolysis, gasification, and oxidation experiments and molecular and detailed kinetic modeling.

Our main research focus is to uncover fundamental interplay between chemical kinetics and transport phenomena and to manipulate reaction pathways for producing high-value products from low-value, underutilized hydrocarbon feedstocks. Key feedstocks of interest include flared shale gas, lignocellulosic biomass, plastic waste, and food waste. The target products include energy sources (such as biofuels), biobased chemicals, and renewable materials.

Lab News


  • Fuat’s paper on cellulose fast pyrolysis activated by intramolecular hydrogen bonds is published. Congratulations!
  • Our collaborative paper with Prof. Sobkowicz‘s and Prof. Xie‘s groups on the effects of melt processing of PET for its enzymatic decomposition is published. Congratulations! 
  • Our collaborative paper with Prof. Trelles‘ and Prof. Mack‘s groups using nonthermal plasma to treat low density polyethylene for hydrogen production is published. Congratulations! 
  • Dr. Wong delivers a seminar talk at National Taiwan University, Dr. Wong’s alma mater.  
  • The lab welcomes new PhD student, Danya Maree, and undergraduate researcher, Nathaniel George.
  • The lab welcomes new undergraduate students Melvin Orn and Matthew Wright to pursue their Honors Fellowships.
  • Dr. Wong delivers a pre-recorded talk at the PYRO 2022 conference.
  • Lab member Toren Burton (B.S.) and Montayo Cardoza (B.S.) graduate. Toren receives Chemical Engineering Department Award – Biological OptionCongratulations on your achievements!
  • Peng’s paper on catalytic reaction coupling of propane dehydrogenation with nitrobenzene hydrogenation is published. Congratulations!
  • We are excited and grateful to be selected by the Department of Energy as one of the teams to develop novel technologies converting single-use, multi-layer plastic films into high-value chemicals and materials. Read this article about our award.
  • Our collaborative paper with Prof. Sobkowicz‘s and Prof. Xie‘s groups on the pretreatment of PET for its enzymatic decomposition is published. Congratulations! 
  • The lab welcomes new undergraduate students Protitee Paromita and Abraham Mudoola to pursue their Honors Fellowships.


  • Dr. Wong and Fuat attend 2021 AIChE Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Wong is excited to go to the meeting in person for the first time for a long time and is honored to celebrate Prof. William H. Green, Jr.‘s 2019 R. H. Wilhelm Award in Chemical Reaction Engineering by attending the sessions in honor of him.
  • The lab welcomes new undergraduate researchers, Toren Burton and Monty Cardoza.
  • Peng’s paper on NOx-mediated oxidative propane dehydrogenation is published. Congratulations!
  • Our collaborative paper with Prof. Xie‘s group on microbial synthesis of wax esters is published. Congratulations!
  • Melisa’s paper on safer solvent blends for high performance liquid chromatography is published. Congratulations!
  • Dr. Wong attends the virtual WasteEng 2020 conference and gives a talk about our biomass/plastics co-pyrolysis work.
  • Lab member Peng Yu (Ph.D.) graduates. Peng receives Outstanding Graduate Research Award. Congratulations on your achievements!
  • Peng Yu, Ph.D. student in the lab, has successfully defended his dissertation. Congratulations, Peng!
  • Our collaborative paper with Prof. Xie‘s group on biochemical conversion of waste cooking oil is published. Congratulations!