Autumn 2003: Digital Signal Processing (50 hours), Paulo S. R. Diniz, Eduardo A. B. da Silva, and Sergio L. Netto, Digital signal processing system analysis and design (English), Publishing house of electronics industry, Beijing, 2002  

Autumn 2003: Experiments of Digital Signal Processing (25 hours), Shunlan Liu, Jie Wu and Zhijin Zhao, Instruction to the experiments of digital signal processing (Chinese), preprint  

Spring 2004: Introduction of Information Countermeasure (50 hours), Yinming Hou, Decheng Li, Xianzheng Kong, et al, Integration of Electrical Warfare (Chinese), National Defence Industry Press, Beijing, 2000

October 2006: Development of Spiral Cone-beam CT (1 hour), Graduate Seminar, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Iowa, Oct. 12th, 2006.

Spring 2011: Computed Tomography Component, Medical Imaging II (Graduate Course), Wake Forest University Health Sciences.

Spring 2013, 2014: Medical Image Reconstruction (Graduate Course, 50 hours), Virginia Tech and Wake Forest University Health Sciences, Student Evaluation: 5.32/6.00

Spring 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020: Medical Image Reconstruction (Graduate Course, 40 hours), University of Massachusetts Lowell

Fall 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022; Spring 2019, 2020, 2022, 2023: Signals and Systems I (Undergraduate Course, 40 hours), University of Massachusetts Lowell

Spring 2023: Introduction to Medical Image Reconstruction (Senior and graduate course,
40 hours), University of Massachusetts Lowell

Current Students/Post-Docs

Li Zhou, August 2023-Present, Post-doc Fellow, Machine learning for medical image reconstruction

Lingli Zhang, January 2024 (expected), Post-doc Fellow, Machine learning for medical image

Dayang Wang, PhD Student, August 2019-Present, Topic: Deep learning for informatics

Yongshun Xu, PhD Student, August 2019-Present, Topic: Deep reconstruction

Shuo Han, PhD Student, August 2022-Present, Topic: SPECT Imaging

Bahareh Morovati, PhD Student, August 2022-Present, Topic: Spectral CT projection correction

Shuyi Fan, PhD Student, August 2023 (expect start date), Topic: Cardiac Imaging

Changcheng Fang, PhD Student, August 2023 (expect start date), Topic: Cardiac Imaging

Yongtong Li, PhD Student, August 2023 (expect start date), Topic: PCCT Imaging

Haodong Li, PhD Student, August 2023 (expect start date), Topic: PCCT Imaging

Daniel Stringer, Master Student, June 2019-Present, Topic: Optimization of CT Algorithms


Deepak Bharkhada (with Profs. Wang and Carr), PhD student, 2005-2010. Dissertation Title: Development of Novel Cardiac CT Methods; Now at Siemens Company

Xin Jin, Visiting PhD Student, October 2010-March 2011, Topic: Analytic SVD Method for Interior Tomography; Now Assistant Professor at Tsinghua University

Qiong Xu, Visiting PhD Student, March 2011-September 2011, Topic: Statistical Reconstruction Method for Color-CT; Now Assistant Professor at Xi’an Jiaotong University

Baodong Liu, Post-doctoral fellow, March 2011-July 2013, Topic: Cardiac CT & Interior SPECT , Now Associate Professor at Chinese Academy of Science

Kaijie Lu, Undergraduate Summer Intern, 2013, Topic: Compressive Sensing & Dose Reduction, Now at Georgia Tech

Mingquan Wang, Visiting Professor, September 2012-August 2013, Topic: Medical Image Analysis, Now at North University of China

Shengqi Tan, Visiting PhD Student, December 2013-June 2014, Topic: Dictionary learning based iterative reconstruction

Han Liu, Undergraduate Summer Intern, 2014, Topic: Optimization of the general threshold filtering method

Chuang Miao, PhD Student, August 2011 – July 2015, Dissertation Title: Compressive sensing based image reconstruction for computed tomography dose reduction

Huihua Kong, Visiting Associate Professor/Post-doc Fellow, December 2013-July 2015, Topic: Advanced iterative CT reconstruction

Qi Liu, Master Student, September 2014-August 2015, Topic: Analytic fan-beam image reconstruction

Ming Chen, Visiting Associate Professor, September 2014-September 2015, Topic: Analytic reconstruction for multiple-source spiral CT

Panpan Wu, Visiting PhD Student, November 2013-December 2015, Topic: Lung cancer screening CT image analysis

Ibrahim Mkusa, Undergraduate Intern, May 2016-August 2016; Topic: Analysis of analytic CT reconstruction error

Miaoshi Wang, Visiting PhD Student, September 2014-September 2016, Topic: Spectral CT reconstruction and analysis

Rui Liu, PhD Student, July 2012-December 2016, Topic: GPU-based Fast Interior Tomography

Ying Chu, Visiting Associate Professor, August 2016-August 2017, Topic: Medical Image Processing and Analysis

Lin Zhai, Visiting PhD Student, October 2016-October 2017, Topic: Sparse representation based medical image denoising

Nan Cui, Master Student, August 2016-December 2017; Topic: Machine learning

Yuan Yuan, PhD Student, March 2015-June 2018, Topic: physics of CT imaging

Yanbo Zhang, Post-doc Fellow, March 2015-August 2018, Topic: Spectral CT reconstruction and deep learning based reconstruction

Kathleen DeCastro Santos, High School Student Intern, 2018 Summer; Topic: Iterative reconstruction experiments

Weiwen Wu, Visiting PhD Student, October 2017-September 2018, Topic: Advanced image reconstruction for industrial CT and spectral CT

Xuelin Cui (With Prof. Lamine Mili), PhD Student, August 2013-October 2018, Topic: CT-MRI hybrid reconstruction

Liting Niu, Visiting PhD Student, April 2018-October 2018, Topic: Algorithm development for Terahertz imaging 

Robert MacDougall, PhD Student, August 2016-Nobember 2018; Topic: Low dose CT

Yong Zhang, Visiting Associate Professor, July 2018-December 2018, Topic: Compressed sensing based method for gas leakage detection

Joshua Lojzim, PhD Student, August 2018-July 2019; Withdraw from the PhD program

Qiushi Wei, Master Student, June 2018-June 2019; Topic: Deep learning for medical imaging

Xiaoqing Jiang, Visiting Assistant Professor, June 2018-June 2019, Topic: Machine learning based sparse representation for medical image processing

Morteza Saleh Jahromi, PhD Student, August 2015-June 2019; Topic: Spectral CT reconstruction

Liying Han, Visiting Associate Professor, November 2018-November 2019, Topic: Machine learning for medical image analysis

Qian Wang, PhD Student, August 2016-December 2019; Topic: Iterative CT reconstruction

Shiyang Chen, PhD Student, August 2019-December 2019, Topic: Deep learning for data storage

Zhitao Guo, Visiting Associate Professor, March 2019-March 2020, Topic: Machine learning for medical image analysis

Tao Luo, Visiting Associate Professor, November 2019-July 2020, Topic: Machine learning for medical image reconstruction

Xiangye Zeng, Visiting Associate Professor, November 2019-December 2020, Topic: Machine learning for communication system design

Shaoyu Wang, Visiting PhD student, November 2019-December 2020, Topic: Medical image reconstruction

Matthew Christensen, PhD Student, June 2018-2020; Topic: Machine learning in MRI

Michael Oumano, PhD student, July 2018-December 2021; Topic: Physics of Nanoparticles imaging

 Zhan Wu, Visiting PhD student, November 2019-March 2022, Topic: Machine learning for medical image analysis

Shilong Wang, PhD Student, August 2016-Jan. 2022; Topic: Iterative CT reconstruction