Our multidisciplinary group uses engineering approaches to solve problems in life sciences and medicine. The goal of this research program is to control and modulate cellular behavior for directing repair and regeneration of tissues. To achieve this goal, we use diverse tools from chemistry, cell biology, materials science, microfabrication, and engineering. The research accomplishments from our lab include development of multicellular and compartmentalized tissue mimetics for clinical applications including endothelialization of cardiovascular tissues, regeneration of bone, and invasion of tumors.

The group is interested in developing i) next generation functional biomaterials for regenerative engineering, ii) new tools for origami-inspired tissue engineering, and organ-on-paper models, iii) paper-based biomaterials and medical devices to detect gradients of oxygen, nutrient, and small molecules, iv) in vitro disease models for personalized medicine, and v) low-cost point-of-care diagnostics to solve problems in global health. The ultimate goal of our research is to improve human health and quality of life.