Gulden Camci-Unal, Ph.D.

Welcome to our research lab, where we are dedicated to advancing the field of regenerative engineering and personalized medicine. Our multidisciplinary team of experts uses cutting-edge tools and innovative approaches from chemistry, cell biology, materials science, microfabrication, and engineering to solve problems in life sciences and medicine.

At our lab, we specialize in developing functional biomaterials that mimic natural tissues and facilitate the repair and regeneration of damaged tissues. We use unconventional approaches to create tissue-mimetics that are suitable for clinical applications, including the regeneration of bone and cardiovascular tissues, as well as wound healing. Our lab also has a strong focus on developing point-of-care (POC) diagnostic platforms for the rapid detection of pathogenic diseases, health conditions, and environmental reagents.

Our lab has a track record of success in developing rapid, portable, and reliable platforms for POC diagnostics. We recently developed a rapid and simple test for the detection of the Covid-19 virus from bodily fluids in only 5 minutes, demonstrating our commitment to improving global health outcomes.

Our research interests are diverse and include developing next-generation functional biomaterials for regenerative engineering, new tools for origami-inspired tissue engineering, and organ-on-paper models. We also specialize in developing paper-based biomaterials and medical devices to detect gradients of oxygen, nutrients, and small molecules. In addition, we are interested in developing in vitro disease models for personalized medicine and low-cost POC diagnostics to solve problems in global health.

Our ultimate goal is to improve human health and quality of life. We are committed to advancing the field of regenerative medicine and personalized medicine through innovative research and the development of new technologies. Join us on our mission to improve human health outcomes and make a difference in the world.