Meet the Scientist

Discovery Museum at Acton is a local kid’s museum with 12 indoor and 7 outdoor exploration, experimentation, and STEM-rich exhibits. Meet the Scientists is a free event for all families; therefore, it serves as a great opportunity to attract interest and inspire motivation of younger kids from low-income families in STEM subjects. In 2019 before the COVID pandemic, the PI participated in this event with two hands-on activities: Can human bodies be electrolytes to form electric circuits? How do you assemble a Lithium-ion coin cell in a glovebox? The activities attracted interest from not only the kids but also sparked lively conversations with the parents. 

Fruit Batteries

The PI teamed up with Melissa Chen, a science teacher from Lowell Middlesex Academy Charter School, to develop hands-on activities and projects for the first environmental science course in the school. The course covers subjects in sustainability of land, energy, and water, in combination to hosting discussions of energy equity in a disadvantaged community.