Research Interests

Homotopical algebra, categorical logic, image processing, computational topology


Selected Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

  • Virtual reconstruction of polymer matrix composites (2018-2020), NSF-AFOSR (co-PI, with M. Maiaru, Fuqiang Liu and S. Stapleton) 
  • Geometric proof and discovery: human and artificial intelligence (2017-2019), John Templeton Foundation (PI)
  • Probability Quantifiers over Finite Fields (2010-2011), NSA-AMS (PI)
  • Enhanced Learning and Advice through Online Assignments (2008), UMass Lowell (co-PI, with K. Levasseur)
  • Singularity detection, nonlinear filters, and OCR (2006), UMass Lowell (PI)
  • Faculty-Student Collaborative Research Grant (2005), UMass Lowell (PI, with B. Intoccia and J. Percival)
  • Computational and Algorithmic Representation of Geometric Objects (2003-2005), NSF-DARPA (PI)