To Apply:

Contact Dr. Stephen Lam at stephen_lam@uml.edu with resume/CV to discuss your research interests. For more information on the group, please visit our research page.


PhD Students

We are seeking motivated students that are interested in doing research in advanced energy/nuclear materials. Candidates should have a background in chemical engineering, chemistry, physics, materials science, computational science and engineering, or another related engineering field. Experience in molecular dynamics, electronic structure methods such as density functional theory, machine learning, or data informatics is preferred. However, we encourage anyone interested in our research to contact us to discuss further. 



Postdoctoral Researchers

We are seeking 1 postdoctoral researcher to develop machine learning-based interatomic potentials for high-dimensional systems using methods such as dense neural networks, gaussian processes, and graph convolutional networks. Materials of interest include many-component molten salts, which are used as a heat transfer fluid in advanced fission and fusion reactors, and high-entropy alloys, which could provide corrosion and irradiation resistance in extreme environments. Candidates are expected be independent researchers capable of leading and initiating new projects, mentoring PhD students, and coordinating with collaborators from various universities at national laboratories.