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  17. University of Delaware, Numerical Analysis and PDE Seminar, Mar. 17, 2016
  18. Numerical Simulation and Theoretical Analysis in Computational Physcs, Workshop at Peking University, Dec. 27, 2015, Beijing, China
  19. The 8th International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM 2015), Minisymposium, Beijing, China, Aug. 13, 2015
  20. Dartmouth College, Math Colloqium Talk, Nov. 13, 2014
  21. 2014 CMBS-NSF Conference:Fast Direct Solvers for Ellipic PDEs ,(Organizers : Alex Barnett , Min Hyung Cho, Adrianna Gillman , and Leslie Greengard), Dartmouth College, June 23-June 29, 2014
  22. SIAM Annual Meeting 2014, Minisymposium (Co-organizer and Speaker), Chicago, IL July 7-July 11, 2014
  23. Ehwa Womans University, Applied Seminar talk Seoul, Korea, Sep. 3, 2013
  24. SIAM Annual Meeting 2013, Minisymposium (Co-organizer and Speaker), San Diego, CA July 8-July 12, 2013
  25. Computational Science and Engineering (CSE13), Minisymposium, Boston, MA Feb. 25-Mar. 1, 2013
  26. University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Colloquium talk, Oct. 3, 2012
  27. Scientific Computing and Applications (SCA) 2012, Contributed talk, Univ. of Nevada, Las Vegas, April 1-4, 2012
  28. SIAM-South Eastern Atlantic Section (SIAM-SEAS) 2012, Minisymposium, Univ. of Alabama Huntsville, March 24-25, 2012
  29. The 7th International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM 2011), Contributed talk, Vancouver, Canada, July 18-22, 2011
  30. SIAM-South Eastern Atlantic Section (SIAM-SEAS) 2011, Minisymposium, Univ. of North Carolina at Charlotte, March 26-27, 2011
  31. Computational Science and Engineering (CSE11), Minisymposium, Reno, NV, USA, Mar. 1, 2011