Margaret Sobkowicz-Kline

Margaret Sobkowicz-Kline, Ph.D.
co-Director, SWIMMER NRT

Plastics Engineering Department,
Ball 121
University of Massachusetts Lowell
1 University Avenue
Lowell, MA 01854

Office Hours Spring 2024:

Tuesday 11 – 1, Wednesday 10 – 12

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The Sobkowicz research group is interested in the study of polymeric materials for environmental sustainability. We use the tools of applied polymer science, transport phenomena and chemical functionalization to manipulate processes and structure with the aim of improving properties in sustainable materials. Current projects focus on:

  • Recycling heterogeneous plastics packaging
  • Biobased and biodegradable polymer synthesis and multifunctionality
  • Reactive twin screw extrusion
  • Polymeric systems for renewable energy and efficiency

We are also interested in policy around plastics waste and science communication to improve public understanding of the role plastics play in our society and ecosystems. Professor Sobkowicz is also working to broaden participation of women in engineering through her work with the WAVES initiative.

Sobkowicz Research Group

Graduate students

 Patrick Masembe (PhD Candidate)
 Hrushikesh Pujari (MS Candidate)
 Mansoureh Jamalzadeh (PhD Candidate)
 Chandan Reddy (MS Candidate)

Research assistant students 
  Abby Mastromonaco