MECH.5410 Advanced Heat Transfer


Advanced Heat Transfer is one of the core courses for graduate students to build the foundation and knowledge for the subsequent studies of specialized subjects. This course mainly comprises two parts: thermal conduction and convection. The thermal conduction part covers conduction formulations, analytical methods, and numerical techniques to solve multidimensional steady-state and transient conduction problems. The convection part covers the fundamental concepts of convection, governing equations, boundary layers and analytical solutions for external and internal flows, natural convection, boiling and condensation heat transfer.


Upon completion of this course, the students will demonstrate the ability to: 

  1. Recognize the different forms of heat transfer occurring in natural and human-made systems.
  2. Understand the mechanisms of heat transport from macroscopic, microscopic, and molecular perspectives.
  3. Identify, conceptualize and formulate problems in conduction, convection, and radiation heat transfer.
  4. Solve one- and two-dimensional heat transfer problems using analytical and/or numerical techniques.
  5. Utilize computational tools for the solution and analysis of heat transfer problems.

The course places emphasis not only on the transmission of knowledge but also on laying a robust foundation on which future knowledge can readily be accumulated and utilized to advance the fulfillment of societal needs.