• CHEN 5390. Mathematical Methods for Engineers — 2019 Fall, 2020 Fall (Recorded on YouTube), 2021 Fall, 2022 Fall

CHEN 5390 covers ODE and PDE, linear algebra, matrix/vector calculus, numerical methods, introduction to optimization methods, and other topics as time permits. Both analytical and numerical techniques are integrated to give good analytical skills coupled with practical problem solving tools. Extensive computer work with math and modeling application packages are applied.

Chen5390_ Fall 2022

CHEN5390_2021 Fall

  • CHEN 2020 – Section 301. Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics – 2020 Spring, 2022 Spring, 2024 Spring

The objective of this course is to introduce students to fundamental thermodynamic principles presented from a chemical engineering perspective.  Using the first and second law of thermodynamics, PVT relationships for real and ideal fluids and methods for calculating enthalpy and entropy data, heat and work requirements for industrial chemical processes will be determined using mass, energy and entropy balance equations.  Fundamental thermodynamic principles will subsequently be used to examine applications involving processes with and without chemical reaction.

CHEN2020_2024 Spring Class

  • CHEN 3110 – Section 201. Phase and Chemical Reaction Equilibria – 2021 Spring, 2022 Spring, and 2023 Spring
This course is a continuation of CHEN.2020 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics and develops capacity to apply thermodynamic principles towards the solution of practical problems while maintaining the rigorous characteristics of thermodynamics analysis. The course extends the treatment of thermodynamic properties of pure fluids to the application of problems unique to chemical engineering involving vapor-liquid equilibrium, liquid-liquid and multiphase equilibrium, as well as the theory and application of solution thermodynamics and chemical reaction equilibria.

CHEN3110_Spring 2023