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2014 UML Team @ The Collegiate Wind Competition

Welcome to the University of Massachusetts Lowell’s entry into the Collegiate Wind Competition. In 2013-2014 a group of faculty and students embarked on the design, development and demonstration of a wind turbine to power personal electronic devices. The UMass Lowell team developed a wind-powered network of distributed kiosks to exchange empty cell phone batteries for ones that are fully charged.The UMass Lowell team placed third in the inaugural Collegiate Wind Competition held in Las Vegas, May 6th-8th 2014. This website provides project details.


M. Shaefer and J. Chung Installing Test Turbine In the UML Windtunnel

Figure: M. Shaefer and J. Chung install the test wind turbine in the University of Massachusetts Lowell WindTunnel. (Photo: D.J.Willis).