Research Group Members

Christopher Hansen

Associate Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
UMass Lowell

Ph.D. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Materials Science & Engineering

B.S. Iowa State University, Materials Engineering

Current Graduate Students

Darshil Shah

Ph.D. Topic: 3D printing of metamaterials

M.S. Columbia University, Chemical Engineering

B.S. Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai India, Polymer Engineering and Technology

Antoine Delarue

Antoine Delarue

Ph.D. Topic: 3D printing with highly filled formulations

M.S. Université de Haute-Alsace, Chemical Engineering

Lucas Hansen

M.S. Topic: 3D printing of medical trainers

B.S. UMass Lowell, Mechanical Engineering

Robert Lahaie

M.S. Topic: 3D Printing of multiple materials in Fused Filament Fabrication

B.S. UMass Lowell, Mechanical Engineering

Channing Favreau

M.S. Topic: 3D printing of electronic components

B.S. UMass Lowell, Mechanical Engineering

UnderGraduate StudentS

Eric Viscione

Research Topic: Multi-material 3D printing

B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Lab Alumni: Graduate StudentS



Thesis Title

Location Upon Graduation

Jack Bisson

2020 M.S. Plastics Engineering

3D printing of medical training simulators

Jessica Ferguson

2019 M.S. Mechanical Engineering


“A Manufacturing Study of Thin-Ply Composite Prepregs in Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) for Aerospace Structures”

Collins Aerospace, Riverside CA, USA

Andrew Burke

2019 Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering


“Automated Fiber Placement of Self-Healing Structures”

(search underway)

Xiao Liu

2019 Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering


“Artificial Cellular Structures for Lightweight Structures and Energy Absorption Applications

Mathworks, Waltham MA, USA

James Benedict

2018 M.S. Mechanical Engineering


“Additive Manufacturing of Printed Electronic Components”

Raytheon, Tewksbury MA, USA

Siddharth Dev

2018 Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering


“Self-Healing Materials for Wind Energy”

Tesla, Bay Area CA, USA

Jesse Hamilton

2018 Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering


“Self-Healing of Textiles & Fabrics”

Aurora Flight Sciences, Manassas VA, USA

Prachi Dhavale

2017 M.S. Plastics Engineering


“Variability of Batting Cage Baseballs”

Cabot, Billerica MA, USA

Bradford Olson

2014 M.S. Mechanical Engineering


“Self-Healing of Shape Memory Polymers”

Chromatan, State College PA, USA

Richard Poillucci

2014 M.S. Mechanical Engineering


“Reduced Toxicity Polyester Resins and Microvascular Pre-Preg Tapes for Advanced Composites Manufacturing”

Applied Materials, Gloucester MA, USA

Valentine Sitte

2013 M.S. Mechanical Engineering


“Thermoplastic Sacrificial Fibers for Low Temperature Microvascular Composite Processing”


Jordan Tye

2013 M.S. Mechanical Engineering


“Multifunctional Composite Sandwich Structures Utilizing Embedded Microvascular Networks”

Applied Materials, Gloucester MA, USA



Years in Lab

Degree of Study

Research Topic

Ania Burgess


Mechanical Engineering

3D printing

Samantha Cross


Mechanical Engineering

3D printing

Zachary Belisle


Mechanical Engineering

Engineering education