Bridgette Maria Budhlall, Ph.D.

Bridgette Maria Budhlall, Ph.D. 

Professor and Associate Chair of Doctoral Programs

Department of Plastics Engineering &
Advanced Manufacturing of Polymers & Soft Materials Center.

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Contact Information:
University of Massachusetts, Department of Plastics Engineering. 

One University Avenue,
Ball Hall 203B,
Lowell MA. 01854.

Phone: 978-934-3414
Fax: 978-934-3089

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Welcome to my Polymer Colloids and Soft Matter research group. Our group studies the chemistry and physics of nanocolloidal systems. These colloidal entities are assembled and fabricated into more complex supracolloidal structures.

We specifically focus on the synthesis of nanostructured materials with controlled morphologies specifically designed to trigger and control motility and assembly, the development of methods for self-assembly of colloidal matter, the understanding of the molecular interactions involved between molecular and colloidal building blocks and potential macroscopic substrates. I find it important that my technology be scaled-up and is of use in a variety of industrial applications ranging from biosensors, chemical sensors and nanofluidic devices, smart coatings, electronic inks and adhesives, drug delivery systems, polymers for cellular transport and analysis and for biomedical devices.