Andrew Rogers

Associate Professor, Department of Physics and Applied Physics
Associate Director, UML Rad Lab Van de Graaff Accelerator Facility


Andrew Rogers is a Professor of Physics at the University of Massachusetts Lowell (UML) and Associate Director of the Van de Graaff Accelerator Facility within the UML Radiation Laboratory. His research is focused on topics in the fields of nuclear physics and nuclear astrophysics. As an experimental nuclear physicist, Professor Rogers explores the properties and fundamental nature of the atomic nucleus. He is particularly interested in exotic nuclei at the limits of stability, the underlying symmetries that exist within these quantum-mechanical systems, and their influence on astrophysical environments throughout the universe.


These highly unstable and short-lived nuclei studied by Rogers and the UML Nuclear Group cannot be found naturally on earth. Consequently, large-scale accelerator facilities around the world are used to produce these isotopes and measure their properties. Rogers conducts his research primarily at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory (NSCL) on the campus of Michigan State University. At UML, Rogers oversees the Van de Graaff Accelerator experimental activities and manages the accelerator User program.

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The UML Nuclear PhySICS Group

The Nuclear Physics Group, led by Professors Rogers, Chowdhury, Bender, and Lister, seeks to address questions in nuclear science.