Advanced Biophotonics Laboratory

About the Lab

Professor Anna Yaroslavsky is the founding director of the Advanced Biophotonics Laboratory (ABL) in the Department of Physics and Applied Physics at UMASS Lowell. She is also affiliated with the Department of Dermatology at the Massachusetts General Hospital. The major focus of the research effort at ABL is on the development and integration of experimental and theoretical multi-modal technologies and methods for functional and structural characterization of biological tissues and cells, as well as pathology detection and treatment.

The research directions pursued in her laboratory include: 1) Development and integration of multiple optical imaging and spectroscopic approaches (i.e., elastic scattering, polarization imaging, fluorescence and fluorescence polarization imaging and spectroscopy) for monitoring biochemical and physiological processes in real time on spatially different scales. 2) Modeling of light propagation in and interaction with biological tissues, liquids and cells. 3) High-precision quantitative measurements of optical properties of tissues and liquids. 4) Development and clinical translation of all-optical and multi-modal image-guided intervention techniques.