Short Course

Advanced Industrial Bioprocessing

Hosted by the Biomanufacturing Innovation Institute (BII) and UMass Lowell

We invite you to Advanced Industrial Bioprocessing. We are planning a 5-day professional short course on Aug 3 – 7, 2020 at UMass Lowell. The course will be taught by industry professionals from BMS, Pfizer, MilliporeSigma, and UMass experts.

Course Outline

The trainees will learn key principles and concepts of industrial bioprocessing of protein, cell and gene therapies. The course covers recent technologies and practices of upstream, downstream and analytical bioprocessing technologies. In addition, FDA initiatives of PAT (Process Analytical Technology), Quality by Design, and Emerging Technology will be covered. The course consists of 7 modules.

Course Modules

Module 1, Upstream Bioprocessing

Module 2, Downstream Bioprocessing

Module 3, Analytical Technology in Bioprocessing

Module 4, Cell Therapy & Bioprocessing

Module 5, Gene Therapy & Bioprocessing

Module 6, Regulatory, QbD, and PAT in Bioprocessing

Module 7, Big data Analytics for Biopharmaceutical

Course Schedule

The tentative schedule for the biomanufacturing short course can be found here.

Who can benefit from this professional course

Individuals that are involved in manufacturing, product and process development, regulatory, QA/QC and of biotech therapeutics. Attendees from academia and regulatory agencies may also benefit depending on their areas of interest and level of experience.


The registrations for training can be done at Industrial Bioprocessing Registration. For any question about the registration, please contact us at