Photo Gallery

Left-to-right: Dr. Robinson Anandakathir, Kimberly Der, Peter Jones, Soujanya Muralidhara, Prof. Bridgette Budhlall, Bobby Chaase, Cherie Fletcher, Haikun Xu, Tatiya Trongsatitkul and Amit Garle.


UMASS, Lowell NSF REU Program

2012 American Chemical Society Colloids & Surface Science Symposium

Marta’s Fairwell with Strawberry Rhubard Pie, June 18th, 2012

2012 SPE ANTEC / SPI NPE Conference in Orlando, Florida

Bobby Chaase Presenting at the Student Poster Symposium.

2011 UMASS, Lowell Annual Research Symposium

Marta Ruano-Aldea and Tatiya Trongsatitkul presenting their Student Poster on "Thermoresponsive Polymer-Cage Liposomes for Drug Delivery".

2011 UMASS, Lowell Commencement Ceremony

Amit Garle graduates with his M.Sc., in Plastics Engineering on May 31, 2011.

Professor Rudy Deanin passes away on August 7, 2011

Prof. Rudy Deanin was named the “College of Engineering Honors Fellow” at the annual Honors
Fundraiser in Fall 2008
after 41 years of teaching and research at UML. His shoes will be hard to fill.