Fontan Surgical Planning

Cardiovascular simulations for patients with single ventricles undergoing the Fontan procedure can assess patient-specific hemodynamics, explore surgical advances, and develop personalized strategies for surgery and patient care. We have been playing an important role in translating the image-based cardiovascular simulation into clinical applications. A good example is Fontan surgical planning, which is to pre-operatively optimize hemodynamics for Fontan patients, thereby improving patient outcomes. We have been using our in-house Fontan surgical planning platform to assist clinicians from the United States and worldwide to optimize surgical and interventional strategies for real-world patients. 

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Personalized Treatment Platform

Our personalized treatment platform uses computational models to seek optimal strategies for each patient before the procedure. The current version of the platform works for transcatheter valve replacement (mitral, aortic, and pulmonary valves).

Paitnet-specific Cardiovascular Simulation

Patient-specific Boundary Conditions

  • Patient-specific temporal (pulsatile) and spatial boundary conditions

Patient-specific Wall Compliance

  • Two-way fluid-structure interaction modeling
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Patient-specific in vitro Experiment