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A Blackboard Course Shell has been created and populated with a new course template for all courses that were not previously already created by faculty. To access your course, go to and click on the top middle link. You will see a module page and a module called My Courses with your course title(s). Click on the titles to go into any of the courses. You will see a landing page called Announcements. Click on More Announcements to send a message to your students and check the box to send an email immediately. Click on Home Page at the top of the course menu on the left. Here you will see a Build Content button in the action bar. If not, make sure Edit Mode is ON.  Build Content options 

Yes, in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, when students log in, they can use their microphone or webcam by default. You can shut these settings off for a large class. You can also change individual’s roles in the course to Presenter to allow students to share files. 

Yes, you can use Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. Make sure the menu item is visible to students. Click on the title to go to the landing page. When you click on Course Room you will get a menu where you can Join Room.  

In the room there is a button at the bottom right, purple with a double chevron pointing to the left. When you click on that it opens a menu. The first icon at the bottom is a chat bubble. Next is an icon of two people, that would show your attendees. The middle button is a box with an arrow pointing up and out, to Share Content. When you click on Share Content you’ll see three ways, Share Files, Share Application/Screen or Share Whiteboard. Get your presentation ready, you can open your presentation on your desktop and share your application or screen. * This is recommended if you have animations or transitions in PowerPoint. Otherwise, you can upload the files directly into the room. At the top left, a black button with three horizontal lines. When you click on that Record is the first option. 

Video to Blackboard Collaborate Ultra 

Link to Job Aids Folder for Blackboard Collaborate Ultra 

Click the following link to schedule a live support session with the Academic & Instructional Technology group.  

Yes. Respondus is a powerful tool for creating and managing exams that can be printed to paper or published directly to Blackboard Learn, Brightspace, Canvas, Moodle, and other learning systems. Please visit the following page for more information.


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Zoom accounts can be created for faculty by logging into the HelpDesk and requesting an account. Request an account please go to or call the service desk at 978-934-4357

No. Students do not need a zoom account to join a live classroom session. Once a faculty member sends out a Zoom link, Students can simply click on it to open in a browser and follow on-screen instructions to connect.  

"Zoombombing" is basically when the screen and audio sharing services are used by someone other than the presenter during a Zoom meeting resulting in an unwanted disruption. Please click of the following Zoombombing Link for information on how to prevent this. 

There are. Please see the following Zoom best practice guidelines document for more information.

Echo360 (Lecture Capture)

We are constantly adding material to this website. Please click on our Lecture Capture page for latest information.

First email to request to host the video on Ensemble. Once completed you will be sent an email with a link to an Embed Code. Copy the Embed Code for the video. In Blackboard, on your Home Page or another content area where you want the video to appear, hover over Build Content, select Item, give it a name, click on the HTML button in the third row of tools for the Rich Text Editor. Enter the Embed Code into the window that opens and select Insert. Add any text description you would like in the Rich Text Editor with the video link. When you click Submit you will see the video ready to play. How to Embed a Video in an Item

As long as the campus remains open and you courses are already scheduled to be captured, you can continue to utilize your classroom and the sessions will be captured and uploaded automatically.  If the campus closes there are other options available to you to still be able to remotely capture and deliver your lecture to your class.  This software is Echo UCAP and can be obtained by requesting via email to


Consider How to Adapt Your Final

As we enter the last weeks of spring semester, we have provided options for adapting your final project, paper, assignment, or test as you consider our new learning environment. This document was a collaborative effort between faculty and staff, as well as ideas from other universities.