Choose Technology

Step 2:  Choose Technology

There are a number of different technologies available for you to reach your class goals.  They are categorized here according to function. 

Get Started

Provide Static Content to Students

Blackboard provides a platform in which you can post information for students.  This includes a syllabus, lecture notes, etc.  To post content to your Blackboard shell:

Consider How to Adapt Your Final

As we enter the last weeks of spring semester, we have provided options for adapting your final project, paper, assignment, or test as you consider our new learning environment. This document was a collaborative effort between faculty and staff, as well as ideas from other universities.

Communicate with Students (Live or recorded)

  1. Blackboard Collaborate:

a. Live – recommended for class sizes under 75 students

b. Recorded – no size limitation

       2. Zoom:

a. Live – recommended for class sizes under 100 students

b. Recorded – no size limitations

       3. Echo360:

 a. Record from your existing classroom/time

 b. Record from home

Meet with Students or Groups of Students

Discussion boards and email provide an asynchronous method of communicating with students.  Zoom technology noted above can be used for one-on-one and group meetings:

Collecting and Grading Assignments

Blackboard provides a platform in which an Instructor can post an assignment with a due date and grading rubric (if desired).  Students can then upload their assignment to the site by the due date: 

Further information is available on grading the assignments and keeping a gradebook:

Online Assessment

Blackboard further provides the opportunity to provide assessments (quizzes and/or tests) in a defined timeframe.  More information is provided here:

Proctored Exams

Due to our current remote learning environment; we strongly recommend using alternatives to proctored exams. 

Proctored exams have several drawbacks:

  • It adds stress to students who are managing remotely during this crisis
  • UML IT cannot provide assistance for students and instructors using unsupported third-party proctoring tools
  • Many students do not have adequate technology or internet capabilities for proctoring
  • Many third-party proctoring tools are not ADA compliant
  • Students may have privacy concerns regarding third-party recorded remote proctoring

We have developed options to consider when Adapting Your Final Exams and Assessments to provide alternatives. If you feel you must use proctoring, please discuss options with your Associate Dean who will escalate to Academic Affairs, if needed.